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By Mary Pope Osborne

The New York Times bestselling Magic Tree condo sequence has a brand-new paperback!
Jack and Annie needs to rescue pandas after an earthquake in China!
Mary Pope Osborne completely blends myth, event, and historical past during this paperback variation of the bestselling Magic Tree condo bankruptcy booklet. Time-traveling brother-and-sister staff Jack and Annie need to discover a sure type of food—the fourth factor had to retailer Merlin’s cherished penguin, Penny. The magic tree apartment whisks them off to a village within the mountains of southeast China, with regards to a world-famous panda reserve. Will it's their least difficult experience but? now not an opportunity! Jack and Annie don’t realize it, yet they’ve arrived at the day of a ancient earthquake!
How will Jack and Annie live to tell the tale while the enormous quake moves? Will they be capable to rescue the pandas? and the way will they ever come back to the tree condo so as to satisfy their quest to avoid wasting Penny to boot?

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Teddy and Kathleen have been knocking! They have been calling to him! He needed to aid them shop Penny! Jack attempted to pass his room … yet his legs wouldn’t circulation. He couldn’t get to the door! The knocking grew louder. “Jack? ” his dad referred to as. Jack opened his eyes. the place used to be he? “Jack, wake up! college! ” got here his dad’s voice. What a dream, concept Jack. He speedy sat up in mattress. He’d overslept! “Jack? Are you wakeful? ” acknowledged his dad, peeking into his room. “Yep, thank you, Dad! ” acknowledged Jack. “Better hurry,” acknowledged Jack’s dad. He closed the door. Jack hopped up and about. Where’s Annie? he questioned. that they had deliberate to visit the tree residence earlier than university! this present day used to be the day to discover the fourth factor to avoid wasting Penny. Jack pulled on his denims and a T-shirt and rushed out of his room. Annie charged out of her room on the similar second. “We overslept! ” she acknowledged. “No kidding,” acknowledged Jack. “Hurry! we need to get to the tree residence earlier than university starts off. ” “I recognize! ” acknowledged Annie. Annie and Jack charged down the stairs. They rushed into the kitchen. “Good morning, sleepyheads,” their mother acknowledged. “You have simply enough time for breakfast. I made you egg sandwiches. ” “Thanks, Mom,” acknowledged Jack. “But might you brain if we take them with us? we need to head to college early. we've got a unique venture. ” “You men particularly appear to love school,” their dad stated. “Yep, school’s great,” stated Jack. Their mother wrapped up their sandwiches and positioned them in a paper bag. She passed the bag to Annie. “You have a very good day,” she stated. “Thanks, mother! ” acknowledged Annie. Jack and Annie moved quickly to front door and stepped outdoors into the wet spring air. “We have precisely twenty-five mins earlier than we need to head to school,” Jack stated. “No problem,” acknowledged Annie. “Hold on. ” She positioned their sandwiches in Jack’s backpack. “Okay. Let’s cross! ” They raced throughout their backyard and charged up the sidewalk. They ran around the highway and headed into the Frog Creek woods. They ran among bushes jam-packed with new eco-friendly leaves until eventually they got here to the tallest oak. The magic tree residence used to be excessive up within the branches. Annie grabbed the rope ladder and began up. Jack undefined. contained in the tree condominium they either sat at the flooring, catching their breath. “Whew … it’s all nonetheless here,” gasped Annie. Dusty rays of morning mild shone in the course of the tree residence window onto the 3 issues they’d already chanced on to assist Teddy and Kathleen: a rose carved out of an emerald from India, a dried white and yellow flower from the Swiss Alps, and a goose-feather quill pen from President Abraham Lincoln. “I desire Teddy and Kathleen have been in a position to translate the final a part of the rhyme,” acknowledged Jack. “Do now we have a brand new observe? ” They either appeared round the tree condominium. “Aha! ” stated Annie. She pointed to a e-book and a small scroll mendacity within the nook. Jack picked up the e-book, and Annie grabbed the scroll. “Interesting,” acknowledged Jack. He confirmed the canopy of the ebook to Annie. “Cool, China! ” stated Annie. “We’ve been there before,” acknowledged Jack. “Remember the emperor who burned the books and attempted to have us killed? ” “That was once greater than thousand years ago,” acknowledged Annie.

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