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By Mark Crilley

Akiko and her crew–Spuckler Boach, Mr. Beeba, Poog, and Gax–are competing in an intergalactic race from one aspect of the universe to the opposite. alongside the way in which they need to make it in the course of the slender passages of the Labyrinth of Lulla-ma-Waygo, the infamous virtually Black gap of Luzbert-7, and the lethal Jaws of McVluddapuck. All Akiko desires to do is make it again to Earth in a single piece!
But while Spuckler discovers that his previous rival Bluggamin Streed can also be within the race, successful turns into crucial factor. And Akiko quick unearths herself stuck up within the pageant. Who will cross domestic with the distinguished Centauri Cup?

From the Hardcover edition.

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The stadium was once large and around, an enormous white area station lit through titanic lamps soaring above it. The stands have been jam-packed with cheering crowds. a wierd alien fanfare blared from audio system on both sides. Carved into the center of the stadium was once a protracted grey direction like an airport runway. There on the some distance finish used to be a shimmering golden ribbon: the end line! “Spuckler! ” I cried. “Are you continue to unsleeping? ” “I'm watchin', 'Kiko, i am watchin'! ” We floated right down to the foot of the runway and started our gradual flight to victory. FFFFFSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH a noisy hissing crammed the send. “MALFUNCTION! ” stated Gax. “THE & THE TWERBO FLADIATOR IS OVERHEATING! ” I shot a look over my shoulder. Thick black smoke was once pouring out of the article. The Lava lamp half gave the look of it was once truly on fireplace. I acquired an lousy, queasy feeling in my abdominal as I remembered the tiny crack i might made while I dropped it. “Dagnabbit, Gax,” Spuckler cried, “I proposal you used to be keepin' a watch on that gauge! ” “IWAS, SIR! ” Gax protested. “I & I &” It used to be the 1st time i might heard Gax puzzled. I grew to become again to stand the end line, now simply fifty ft away. We have been nonetheless relocating ahead. At a snail's velocity. yet nonetheless relocating. Spuckler rose to his toes. “We're losin' altitude. greater positioned down the landin' equipment, 'Kiko. That black knob there at the correct. ” I yanked it difficult. The send shook a section because the wheels descended from their cubicles underneath us. have been we actually going to need to roll to the end line like a few outdated jalopy? Come on! “Don't fear, everybody,” I acknowledged. “We're nearly there. we are nonetheless going to win. ” PLAM! PLAM! PLA-PLAAM! The Twerbo-Fladiator exploded, sending shards of steel and glass ricocheting throughout us. Our send dropped to the runway with a sickening crash. The end line was once in simple terms twenty toes prior to us. If shall we simply preserve relocating & FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The engine gave out an amazing growth after which fell completely silent. the entire lighting fixtures at the dashboard went out, or even the ceiling lighting fixtures dimmed to a yellowish flicker. It felt like we have been trapped within a death animal. The wheels carried us ahead a number of extra toes & & a couple of extra inches… &then squealed to a halt. The end line was once ten toes away. “No! ” I cried. “This cannot be taking place! ” The send was once packed with the roar of the gang outdoors. What have been they cheering approximately? have been they loopy? Then we heard it. A high-pitched engine roar within the distance in the back of our send. “Dag &” Spuckler cried, “& nabbit! ” the gang went wild as Streed's send shot by way of— bumping us one final time—and zoomed around the end line. The Alpha Centauri 5000 was once over. Streed had received. How may perhaps we've come so shut after which misplaced? track blared. humans cheered. during the wind-shield i may see Streed climb out of his send and right into a swarm of alien information newshounds. A moment send shot through. Then a 3rd and a fourth. And there we have been, nonetheless ten toes clear of the end line. I felt like crying. I additionally felt like kicking anything. “It's now not reasonable! ” I slammed my fists down at the dashboard many times.

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