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From the brain of Daisy Meadows comes a brand new myth global, with a similar nice magical voice as Rainbow Magic yet brand-new adventures!

Best buddies Jess and Lily stopover at Friendship woodland, the place animals can speak and magic exists!

The ladies cannot wait to have a sleepover in Friendship woodland! but if courageous little Bella TabbyPaw will get into difficulty with the witch Grizelda's helpers, the Boggits, can Lily and Jess locate the kitten earlier than Grizelda does?

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Lily and Jess peered round the cavern. while the Boggits had abducted Lucy Longwhiskers, that they had locked her within a cage. What had they performed with Bella? Then, to their shock, Bella walked out from in the back of one of many Boggits, donning her evening goggles and backpack, whistling fortunately! “At least Bella’s okay,” whispered Jess. “But why is she with the Boggits? And what are they doing down the following? ” Lily requested the glowworms to change off and the glow pale. all of them concealed underneath an overhanging rock in order that they may well undercover agent at the Boggits with out being obvious. they can make out plenty of tall, thick stone pillars throughout the gloom that seemed as though they have been keeping up the cavern roof. “Those pillars are blocking off the view,” whispered Lily. She jumped as a Boggit laughed. “Haargh! Haargh! ” Rusty sniffed. “Pooh, these Boggits stink! ” “Like rotting cauliflowers,” Jess agreed in disgust. “Are they trying to find jewels? are you able to see what they’re as much as, Goldie? ” “Yes,” acknowledged the cat. “Whiffy’s scratching herself, Reek is selecting his nostril, and Sniff and Pongo are sporting large stones. ” Pongo’s voice echoed round the cavern. “Oy, kittycat,” he grunted to Bella. “Put goggles on and inform Boggits the place cracks are in pillars. ” Bella stopped whistling. “All right,” she acknowledged. After a second, she persevered. “This one’s cracked. ” Pongo bashed the pillar challenging together with his stone. “Hegga, hegga! ” chuckled Sniff. “Kittycat can see cracks with goggles. smart Sniff to consider bringing kittycat to tunnels. ” “Are we going to get a few jewels now? ” Bella used to be pointing upward. “You promised you’d aid me locate a few jewels if I helped you with my evening goggles. ” Jess glanced on the cave ceiling, the place Bella was once pointing. She gasped. “Look, Lily! Goldie, see there? at the cavern roof? ” “It’s glittering! ” whispered Lily. “Jewels! ” breathed Goldie. “The roof is studded with them, like the legend acknowledged! ” “Poor Bella,” whispered Lily. “She should have left Goldie’s grotto to move exploring and ran into the Boggits. They’ve tricked her into supporting them! ” “But why are the Boggits smashing the pillars? ” Jess questioned. Whiffy gave one other pillar a bash. “Boggits are correct lower than Toadstool Glade. whilst pillars fall, Toadstool Glade will crash down. Bang! destroy! All animals’ nasty cottages fall to bits! Grizelda be happy! ” Jess, Lily, and Goldie clutched each other in horror! “This is Grizelda’s such a lot bad plan but! ” gasped Lily. “All the animals’ houses can be destroyed. They’ll need to go away the wooded area and Grizelda could have it for herself! ” Goldie fast defined what used to be occurring to Ruby and Rusty. “To keep Friendship woodland, we’ve bought to forestall the Boggits from smashing these pillars,” she stated urgently. Jess glanced at her lantern. “Lily,” she stated, “remember how the glowworms’ mild solid sizeable shadows at the wall? ” Lily nodded. “It’s given me an concept for scaring away the Boggits,” stated Jess. “A shadow monster! ” “Brilliant! ” stated Lily. “But we can’t scare Bella. ” She concept for a second. “I comprehend! Quiet, every person! ” She picked up a stone and threw it so far as attainable around the cavern.

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