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By Jamie Thomson

After acclimating to the inane customs of the blathering human fools, Dirk Lloyd has controlled to make touch along with his domestic within the Darklands. regrettably, his powers have betrayed him all over again. His new, and dare he say it, friend Sooz has been transported to his Iron Tower of melancholy, the place she awaits what's absolute to be a gradual and painful finish. Little does Dirk recognize that Sooz has shaped her personal alliances because the new darkish Mistress of his former nation. Dirk needs to have the ability to get Sooz domestic, in particular ahead of his arch-nemesis Lord Hasdruban vanquishes Dirk as soon as and for all. during this both hilarious and smart sequel, Dirk makes an attempt to regain his evil stranglehold at the Darklands and continue to exist one other 12 months in school.

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Dirk decided. Payback will be not on time for now—he wanted Chris till they'd resolved the placement with Sooz. besides, revenge is a dish top served chilly, because the asserting is going. “No, no hassle. simple enough,” stated Dirk, as though every thing was once completely fantastic. “Well, until your name’s Alex Marshal, in fact, heh, heh! ” “Who’s he? ” acknowledged Chris. “A safeguard shield on the museum. He—oh by no means brain, he’ll recover from it … most likely. ” Chris glanced at Dirk’s left arm. there has been the telltale greenish scar close to the elbow the place the Sinister Hand were indifferent. He shuddered. He nonetheless couldn’t fairly get his brain round that disagreeable spell. nonetheless wasn’t convinced if it used to be even genuine. whilst he’d first met Dirk, he hadn’t believed any of the stuff approximately being a gloomy Lord from one other international and all that; he’d suggestion he used to be only a bizarre, deluded child, and it was once inquisitive about enjoyable. yet after what he’d obvious with the White Beast, with Sooz disappearing, he knew it has to be real. Then he shuddered again—this time due to the damp air. Dirk’s window was once broad open. “Can we shut that please? ” stated Chris. “No, i'm anticipating someone,” stated Dirk as he conscientiously inserted the sliver of bone into the phone’s SIM card slot. It clicked into position completely. all of sudden there has been a noisy cry and a black flurry of feathers burst into the room. Chris leaped again in surprise. “What the … ? ” he stuttered as a black crow, as black as blackest evening, flew in during the window and alighted gracefully on Dirk’s shoulder. Dirk didn’t bat an eyelid and endured to paintings on Chris’s cell. “Hello, Dave,” he acknowledged. “Meet Christopher. ” The Black typhoon Crow cocked its head and eyed Chris with evil cause, its purple eyes gleaming. It lifted one claw and prolonged its talons in his course. “Now, now, Dave, Christopher is a chum. Do you already know? good friend! ” With that the crow gave a disenchanted caw, and settled down on Dirk’s shoulder. Chris simply stared, gaping. Dirk seemed over, a mischievous grin on his face. “He’s a Black hurricane Crow. they're interested in the darkish, to these reminiscent of I. ” Chris shook his head in amazement. another freaky Dirk factor! And what had he referred to as it? “Did you simply name it Dave? ” “Yeah! Dave. Dave the Black hurricane Crow. ” Chris stared at Dirk, not sure even if this used to be a few form of shaggy dog story or now not. Dirk saved engaged on the telephone as though not anything strange was once happening. “Beautiful, isn’t he? ” he acknowledged, a bit smile tugging on the nook of his mouth. Chris checked out it. A black crow. grotesque beak. pink eyes. Razor-sharp, gnarled claws. referred to as Dave. “Beautiful … Riiight …” all at once Dirk cried out in discomfort, his face a masks of pain. The crow hopped off onto the table with a caw of alarm. “What is it? ” acknowledged Chris. Had the crow became on him or whatever, sunk its claws into his shoulder? Dirk used to be huddled over, massaging his scarred left arm. “It’s the Sinister Hand spell. i've got used it too usually and that i can have triggered a few everlasting damage—there is usually a cost to pay for those who use darkish sorcery. And this puny human child’s physique is so vulnerable …” “Do you will have Dad to have a look at it?

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