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By Rob Heinsoo, Robert J. Schwalb, Logan Bonner, Richard Barker

New techniques for clerics, paladins, and different divine characters.

This tome makes a speciality of the divine heroes: characters whose powers depend on their religion up to their sword, offering new archetypal builds for the cleric, paladin, and different divine periods, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

Personal assessment: a few fascinating recommendations for the Divine periods, besides Deity particular Powers and such, worthy in case you play any of the sessions. a few of the Paragon Paths are archetypical yet others relatively stick out, and a few have alot of truly good written fluff and solid artwork in addition, my favorites comprise The Vessel of Ichor and the Adept of Whispers.
Another cool factor is that scattered throughtout the publication are bins that comprise fluff in regards to the diverse deities and similar issues, which I as a DM enjoyed studying approximately because it supplies information regarding the area that i discovered quiet fascinating

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Recommended classification characteristic: Channel Divinity (healers mercy)' S u g g e s t e d Feat: protective Grace* recommended talents: international relations. Heal. perception. faith S u g g e s t e d A t - W i l l P o w e r s : astral seal* flame S u g g e s t e d E n c o u n t e r P o w e r : bane* S u g g e s t e d D a i l y strength: font • N e w alternative provided during this C H A P T E R 2 of tears* booklet ; Cleric sacred J NEW CLERIC POWERS M a n y of the p o w e r s defined less than gain extra addition, n e w p o w e r s e x p a n d o p t i o n s for t h e t w o c l e r i c Cleric assault 1 D i v i n e radiance blazes out of your holy image as you strike your foe. forming a halo of safety approximately you. the defensive cleric, notwithstanding any cleric drawn to of a aid position c a n profit f r o m t h e m . I n Numinous guard builds come upon • Divine, Radiant, W e a p o n , sector usual motion Melee weapon aim: O n e creature assault: power vs. A C defined within the Player's instruction manual. H i t : 1 [ W ] + energy modifier radiant d a m a g e . T h e assault c r e a t e s a z o n e of s h i e l d i n g gentle in a c l o s e b u r s t 2 . T h e z o n e lasts u n t i l t h e e n d o f y o u r subsequent t u r n . Y o u a n d y o u r point 1 A T - W I L L PRAYERS area. Astral Seal Cleric assault 1 You define y o u r e n e m y w i t h ihe silver g\ow and its therapeutic mild bathes your At-Will • allies g a i n a +2 p o w e r b o n u s t o A C w h i l e w i t h i n t h e of the Astral Sea. buddy. Divine, therapeutic, enforce normal motion safeguard Bearer Cleric assault 1 A shimmering warrior steps from among the worlds to shield your allies. Ranged five goal: O n e creature come upon • A t t a c okay : W i s d o m +2 v s . R e f l e x normal motion Conjuration, Divine, enforce, Radiant H i t : U n t i l t h e e n d o f y o u r subsequent t u r n , t h e t a r g e t t a ok e s a - 2 goal: O n e creature Ranged 10 p e n a l t y t o a l l d e f e n s e s . T h e subsequent a l l y w h o hits it b e f o r e A t t a c okay : W i s d o m vs. Reflex t h e e n d o f y o u r subsequent t u r n r e g a i n s h i t p o i n t s e q u a l t o 2 + H i t : 2 d eight + W i s d o m m o d i f i e r radiant d a m a g e . Y o u c o n j u r e y o u r C h a r i s m a modifier. a s h i e l d b e a r e r in a n u n o c c u p i e d s q u a r e a d j a c e n t to t h e t a r g e t . T h e s h i e l d b e a r e r lasts until eventually t h e e n d of y o u r n e x t restoration Strike Cleric A t t a c ok 1 m o v e t h r o u g h it as though it w e r e a n best friend. W h i l e a d j a c e n t t o Your assault heals a significant other who strifes a t the foe condemn. At-Will • t u r n . T h e s h i e l d b e a r e r o c c u p i e s 1 s q u a r e , a n d allies c a n you t h e s h i e l d bearer, a n y best friend g a i n s a +2 p o w e r b o n u s t o all d e f e n s e s . Divine, therapeutic, W e a p o n ordinary motion Melee weapon conflict Priest's Strike aim: O n e creature Cleric assault 1 Y o u s m i t e y o u r foe. crushing its a r m o r a n d leaving a A t t a c okay : energy vs.

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