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By Terry Deary

Readers can become aware of the entire foul proof approximately FRANCE, together with which king suggestion he used to be made up of glass, why French bread was made of damaged tiles and bricks and the way to play hopscotch like a French highwayman. In booklet layout, those bestselling titles are bound to be a tremendous hit with yet one more iteration of Terry Deary enthusiasts.

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The Languedoc rebels have been known as ‘Cathars’. Why? Many heritage books will inform you ‘Cathars’ potential ‘pure ones’. terrible Histories can let you know it comes from German phrases that means ‘cat worshippers’. That’s simply because their Catholic enemies stated Cathar needed to kiss the bum of a black cat. So what did the Cathars name themselves? was once it… a) Ex-Christians b) Awkward Christians c) strong Christians? solution: c) They the lessons of Jesus Christ, so that they have been Christians. they simply didn’t trust the best way the Christian Church used to be run. lethal changes the top of the Catholic Church, Pope blameless III, was once dissatisfied. The Cathars didn't believe the Church on a few very important issues… The Pope couldn’t have humans going round announcing such things as that. He’d be out of a task very quickly. a person who didn’t stick with the Catholic Church used to be a ‘heretic’ and sometimes the punishment for heretics used to be to be burned alive. Did you know…? whilst the Pope moved within the 1300s from Rome to France, the Pope’s new palace at Avignon had complete flooring of outstanding bathrooms! that they had stone seats (a bit chilly in wintry weather) and emptied into pits lower than the floor. A movement was once diverted to scrub the sewage away. however the humans within the city of Avignon, open air the palace, suffered. They have been crowded out with the Pope’s fans and there weren’t sufficient bogs to move around. The odor in summer season made the townfolk unwell. Cathar cwiz Cathars and cruelty appeared to cross jointly. are you able to determine which of those merciless Cathar evidence are real? 1 The Pope’s Crusaders are approximately to assault town of Beziers in 1209. the warriors ask monk Arnold Amaury, ‘How will we inform the adaptation among reliable Catholics and depraved Cathars? ’ What does Amaury solution? a) ‘Kill all of them. God will inform the adaptation once they get to heaven. ’ b) ‘Capture all of them and torture them to get the reality. ’ c) ‘The Catholics could be in a position to recite the Lord’s Prayer, the Cathars can’t. ’ 2 The Cathars can be a bit tough too. The Catholics stated the Cathars captured a Catholic priest and did what? a) Made the priest kiss a black cat’s bum. b) Made a black cat kiss the priest’s bum. c) Chopped him into items. three the main ruthless squaddies have been the foot infantrymen who fought within the campaign for cash – ‘routiers’. What have been routiers stated to do for enjoyable? a) Roast stay cats over a hearth. b) Roast stay teenagers over a fireplace. c) Roast chestnuts over a hearth. four Simon de Montfort used to be chief of the campaign and his task was once to cajole the Cathars to develop into Catholics. How did he do that within the Bram quarter of France? a) He despatched monks in to evangelise to them forty eight hours continuous. b) He stated, ‘Do you need to be a Catholic with a head or a Cathar with no head? ’ c) He pulled out the eyes of the Cathars and sliced off their noses and lips. five Simon de Montfort moved directly to Minerve in June 1210 and captured plenty of Cathars. while a hundred and forty Cathars refused to develop into Catholics, what did Simon de M do to them? a) Burned them on one large bonfire. b) Smacked them at the wrist and informed them the Pope will be offended with them.

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