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George Washington’s army method has been known as bumbling at worst and significant at top. So that's it? used to be George Washington a strategic genius or simply fortunate? So asks Dave R. Palmer in his new booklet, George Washington’s army Genius. An up-to-date variation of Palmer's past paintings, The approach of the Fox, George Washington’s army Genius breaks down the yank Revolution into 4 stages and analyzes Washington's method in the course of every one word. "The British didn't have to lose; the patriots didn't have to triumph," writes Palmer as he proves undoubtedly that Washington's continuously-changing army strategies have been planned, strategic responses to some of the levels of the warfare, now not simply because he lacked a course of action. Confronting the critics who say Washington's battlefield luck and supreme victories have been a functionality of good fortune, George Washington's army Genius proves why the daddy of our nation additionally merits the name of America's preeminent strategist.

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