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A full of life team of animal acquaintances assemble for hijinks during this compilation of 3 vintage photo books. Brimming with uncomplicated yet fascinating rhymes, pen-and-ink drawings, and luminous watercolor illustrations, the stories will captivate younger readers and listeners, particularly four- to 8-year-olds.
In Johnny Crow's backyard, the pig dances a jig, the elephant says anything particularly inappropriate, and the goose ― good, the goose is a goose. In Johnny Crow's occasion, the undergo sings a sentimental air, the sheep is going to sleep, and the armadillo makes use of him for a pillow. And in Johnny Crow's New Garden, the chimpanzee makes the tea, the puffins hand out the truffles, and all of the animals dance and sing at a memorable backyard social gathering.

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Foreign average publication quantity eISBN-13: 978-0-486-80804-8 synthetic within the usa via RR Donnelley 79598501    2015 www. doverpublications. com Contents Johnny Crow’s backyard Johnny Crow’s get together Johnny Crow’s New backyard Johnny Crow’s photo publication Johnny Crow’s backyard To the reminiscence of my Father, who first instructed me of Johnny Crow’s backyard and to my Boys, for whom i've got set on checklist those evidence concering it. JOHNNY CROW’S backyard. Johnny Crow might dig and sow until he made a bit backyard. And the Lion Had a eco-friendly and yellow Tie on In Johnny Crow’s backyard ! And the Rat Wore a Feather in his Hat however the endure Had not anything to put on In Johnny Crow’s backyard. So the Ape Took his degree with a Tape In Johnny Crow’s backyard. Then the Crane was once stuck within the Rain In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Beaver was once afraid he had a Fever however the Goat acknowledged : “It’s not anything yet his Throat ! ” In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Pig Danced a Jig In Johnny Crow’s backyard Then the Stork Gave a Philosophic speak until eventually the Hippopotami acknowledged: “Ask no extra ‘What am I? ’x” whereas the Elephant acknowledged anything rather beside the point In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Goose— good, the Goose was once a Goose In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Mouse equipped himself a bit residence the place the Cat Sat down beside the Mat In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Whale informed a truly lengthy story In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Owl used to be a humorous previous bird And the Fox placed all of them within the shares In Johnny Crow’s backyard. yet Johnny Crow He allow them to cross and so they all sat down to their dinner in a row In Johnny Crow’s backyard. Johnny Crow’s occasion TO MY NEPHEW SOMERSET chuffed IN a reputation THAT ASSURES HIS WELCOME TO JOHNNY CROW’ - OR the other - celebration JOHNNY CROW’S celebration. Johnny Crow Plied Rake and Hoe And superior his little backyard. And the Eagle regarded fairly regal In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Cockatoo acknowledged “ remark vous portez vous ? ” And the Gander Didn’t comprehend her ; however the Flamingo Talked an identical lingo In Johnny Crow’s backyard And the undergo Sang a sentimental Air, however the Giraffe was once vulnerable to snicker ; Even the Duckling Couldn’t aid chuckling In Johnny Crow’s backyard. Then the Snake received entangled with the rake In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Cock Had a really nasty knock ; So the rooster acknowledged : “ We’ll by no means come back To Johnny Crow’s backyard ! ” And the Sheep Went to sleep, And the Armadillo Used him for a pillow ; And the Porcupine acknowledged: “Wake me if for speak you pine! ” In Johnny Crow’s backyard. And the Kangaroo attempted to color the Roses blue until eventually the Camel Swallowed the the teeth. And the Reindeer acknowledged: “I’m sorry in your discomfort, pricey! ” In Johnny Crow’s backyard. So the Chimpanzee placed the Kettle on for Tea; And the Seal Made a truly immense Meal; whereas the only real Shared a Muffin with the Mole In Johnny Crow’s backyard. Then they picked the flora, and wandered within the Maze, And prior to they went their a number of methods all of them joined jointly In a Hearty Vote of compliment Of Johnny Crow and his backyard.

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