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By Amber E. Scott

  • The bustling bazaars of Absalom supply numerous delights, yet even they don't promote every little thing. basically within the peerless markets of mysterious Katapesh can one locate whatever on the market, from the misplaced diamonds of a fallen empire to a grab of slaves freshly captured off the interior coastline. This unique wasteland locale serves because the backdrop of the Legacy of fireplace event Path within the per thirty days Pathfinder series, and this informative, lushly illustrated, full-color advisor offers every thing gamers and online game Masters want to know to deliver the darkish markets of Katapesh to bad life.

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Not like the Crouching Jackal, the Creeping Watcher isn't a continuing piece; a separate fabric kinds its yellow eyes, which stand out sharply opposed to its stone-gray physique. regardless of investigators’ most sensible efforts, nobody has been in a position to pry lots as a chip of stone from the graceful, staring lizard eyes. the enormous monument hides in a murky pool surrounded by way of thickets of timber and placing vines, making it diff icult to f ind. The origins of the Creeping Watcher stay as mysterious as these of the Crouching Jackal. well known opinion holds that the Creeping Watcher is the extra sinister statue of the pair, and a few think the Crouching Jackal is a mother or father who holds the Creeping Watcher in payment. Others think the Creeping Watcher serves as a domain for darkish rituals, sacrif ice, and historic pacts top left unmentioned. the stairs of the Agate King: within the Sparadyn Jungle, a pyramid lists to the west, partly sunken into the gentle floor within the middle of the woods. The weathered granite blocks of the pyramid demonstrate slim veins of brilliant crimson and gold agate, and ripples of iridescent, pearl-colored agate stripe the stairs prime up the guts of the pyramid. It’s an authorized truth to the voters of Katapesh that the pyramid bars how to an underground tomb. in the tomb, the is still of a long-dead mythical f igure referred to as the Agate King sleeps perpetually, besides the 582085 582085 trappings of wealth he tried to hold with him to the afterlife. Many treasure-hunters clearly sought out the Agate King’s wealth, and one came upon a mystery door resulting in an underground complicated. within, each room stands empty of all yet airborne dirt and dust and some historical, nowsprung traps. now and then an adventurer returns to the stairs of the Agate King looking for a fashion extra down, yet not anything thus far shows a moment point exists. Bandits, cultists, and savage humanoids occasionally use the pyramid as a lair. Driftwood: From the water, Driftwood seems to be an inlet ringed via sheer-walled cliffs, inhospitable at most sensible. Jagged rocks sticking out from the surf raise its treacherous visual appeal. these conversant in the realm, although, understand how to navigate round the rocks and into the inlet, the place the partitions fall away to bare a shallow, sheltered cove. Driftwood’s risky visual appeal and small measurement make it particularly unknown one of the alternate ships and slave galleys that ply those waters. Smugglers and pirates, although, unfold note of Driftwood between their allies. The cove now services as a tiny harbor for miscreants trying to find a sheltered port from which to level attacks opposed to filthy rich, underprotected ships. Bandits and smugglers occasionally stash their ships in Driftwood whereas engaging in their company on land, yet often go away a heavy contingent of guards at the back of, as undefended ships left in Driftwood have a behavior of disappearing. Gembasket: A slim direction with a sheer stone wall to the left and a pointy drop-off to the ideal lands up throughout the Barrier Wall Mountains. every now and then the trail widens and splits, yet skilled tourists understand which department results in the Gembasket.

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