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By Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

What occurs while Sister undergo noticies that Mama's lap is shrinking? No, it is not that Mama is consuming an excessive amount of salmon and honey comb. Mama goes to have a child! With a bit support from Mama and Dr. Gert, Sister learns in regards to the birds and the bees...and sonograms, too!

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Gert. “Would you love to return with us? I’m going to take a look and spot how the baby’s doing. ” “How are you going to do this? ” requested Sister. “We have exact machines that permit us glance inside,” acknowledged the health care provider. “One is termed an x-ray computing device. ” Sister knew approximately x-rays. She had her ankle x-rayed as soon as to determine if it used to be damaged. however it used to be only a sprain. “This one is named an ultrasound machine,” stated Dr. Gert as she handed a specific thing that appeared like a television distant over Mama’s tummy. the item used to be hooked up to an enormous computer that had a bit display. Fuzzy photos got here at the monitor. They didn’t glance very similar to a child to Sister. yet they need to need to Dr. Gert simply because she stored asserting, “Good. wonderful. first-class. ” “Your mama acknowledged you had a question for me,” stated Dr. Gert as they have been approximately to depart. “Yes,” stated Sister. “How does the newborn get out? ” “When the child and the mama are ready,” defined Dr. Gert, “the child comes down via part of the mama’s physique referred to as the start canal. ” Sister may well settle for that. She couldn’t rather photograph it, yet she relied on Dr. Gert and he or she authorized it. “What a stunning spring morning,” acknowledged Mama as they walked domestic in the course of the meadow. The meadow used to be very energetic that day. a couple of robins have been feeding their infants. a child bunny hopped throughout their direction. “Look! ” acknowledged Mama, pointing to a deer on the fringe of the woods. “See how fats her aspects are. She and that i may need our infants whilst. ” “Look! ” acknowledged Sister. “There’s one with antlers. Do you're thinking that possibly he’s the father? ” “I imagine perhaps he is,” acknowledged Mama. “Gee,” acknowledged Sister. “It seems like infants, infants all over! ” “Looks like,” stated Mama. “I bet you’ve spotted all of the bees traveling the vegetation. ” How may Sister have helped noticing? the thrill of the busy soaring bees stuffed the air. “Does that experience to do with infants, too? ” requested Sister. “In a fashion it does,” stated Mama. “I bet you’ve spotted that birds and bears and bunnies and deer all are available in men and women. ” “Yes,” acknowledged Sister. She remembered from whilst she and Brother have been little or no and used to take baths jointly. “Well,” acknowledged Mama, “it’s not only birds and bears that are available in women and men. a few timber and plant life do, too. ” “You suggest there are boy and woman timber and flora? ” “More like male and female,” acknowledged Mama. “But that’s the final thought. And whereas the honeybees are collecting nectar to make honey, they’re doing one other very important activity. They’re making a choice on up pollen from the male vegetation and wearing it to the feminine flora. It’s the feminine plant life that make the seeds that develop into extra flora. ” Sister may possibly settle for that. Spring grew into summer season and summer season grew into autumn, and Mama grew to the sort of dimension that she had no lap in any respect. Then one morning she acknowledged to Papa, “I imagine it’s time. ” Papa known as up Mrs. Grizzle, the cubs’ typical sitter. She came visiting to stick with Sister and Brother whereas Papa took Mama to the health center, the place Dr. Gert could aid Mama have the infant. It wasn’t lengthy ahead of the telephone rang. It used to be Papa. Mrs. Grizzle responded it.

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