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The moment fascinating installment in Enid Blyton's event series

Why is all people so fearful of the fort at the hill, and what darkish secrets and techniques lurk within its partitions? Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann, Jack, and Kiki the parrot are on vacation within the nation-state, staying at the aspect of chateau Hill. while flashing lighting fixtures are obvious in tower, they choose to investigate—and find a very sinister plot hid inside of its hidden rooms and gloomy underground passages.

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Jack’s acquired his digital camera prepared. We’re beautiful convinced we all know the place these eagles are actually, and we will might be be ready to take a few sturdy photographs of them. good, it’s a beautiful day, so it'll do you stable to move off picnicking, stated his mom. Oh, do cease Kiki taking the marmalade, Jack! rather, I shan’t have that chicken on the desk to any extent further, if you happen to can’t make it behave. It ate part the raspberry jam at tea the day before today. Take your nostril out of the marmalade, Kiki, acknowledged Jack sternly, and Kiki sat again on his shoulder, indignant. She started to imitate Mrs. Mannering crunching up toast, eyeing her balefully the full time, frustrated at being robbed of the marmalade. Mrs. Mannering needed to snigger. You’re unlikely on that landslide, are you? she acknowledged, and the youngsters shook their heads. No, mom. Tassie confirmed us differently. Hallo, the following she is. Tassie, have you ever had your breakfast? Tassie used to be peeping in on the kitchen window, her eyes shiny below their tangle of hair. Mrs. Mannering sighed. i would besides no longer have afflicted myself to offer her a bathtub, she stated. She’s simply as soiled as ever. I did imagine that she would favor feeling fresh. She doesn’t, stated Dinah. All she cherished used to be that dreadful scent of carbolic, mom. a good way to make Tassie wash herself, you’ll need to current her with a bar of sturdy carbolic cleaning soap! Tassie, it seemed, had had her breakfast a while earlier than. She climbed in on the window and permitted a section of toast and marmalade from Philip. Kiki instantly edged over to her confidently. She beloved toast and marmalade. Tassie shared it with the parrot. The 5 kids trigger quickly after breakfast. Dinah carried the knapsack of foodstuff. Lucy-Ann carried Jack’s worthy digital camera. Tassie carried Kiki on her shoulder, very proudly certainly. the 2 boys carried the plank among them. Take us the shortest approach you recognize, Tassie, begged Jack. This plank is so awkward to hold. I say, Philip, did you're thinking that to deliver a rope too? I forgot. I’ve tied one round my waist, stated Philip. It’s lengthy sufficient, i believe. Button, don’t get less than my ft like that, and don’t ask to be carried while I’ve received to take this tiresome plank up the hill! With many rests, the little celebration went up the steep hill in the direction of the citadel. Jack stored a lookout for the eagles, yet he didn’t see both of them. Kiki flew off to have a number of phrases with a few rooks they met, after which flew again back to Tassie’s shoulder. She couldn’t comprehend why Tassie carried sneakers around her neck, and pecked apparently on the laces, attempting to get them out of the sneakers. ultimately all of them arrived on the fort, and made their method around the nice wall to the again, the place the wall of the citadel ran point with the part of the hill. right here we're ultimately, stated Jack, panting, and positioned the plank down fortunately. you women entering the passage-way to monitor us when we placed the plank in position, or now not? convinced, really, stated Dinah. all of them went into the tunnel-like passage, which smelt mustier than ever, after the fresh heathery odor outdoors. They got here to the place that they had climbed up the day prior to.

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