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By Pat Hatt

Every year there are historical dragon video games to crown the winner of the Cup of Flames. The younger dragons all blow their own horns their new stumbled on flame, hoping the cup will sunrise their identify. The 12 months of Zagonk is remembered above all of them. it really is without end whispered in dragon corridor. It used to be simply because rather than a flame he honked at his dragon video game. no longer whatever a dragon used to be identified to do yet away his honk flew. That was once additionally the 12 months the Frost mammoth brought on all of the dragons worry. yet what occurs while Zagonk brings his honk close to? discover what happened at dragon corridor by way of including one other publication from Pat Hatt in your wall.

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They are going to be topped winner of the video games, And be presented the cup of flames. there has been one video game that crowned all of them, that's endlessly whispered in dragon corridor. The 12 months Zagonk got here to work out What form of flame his will be. He watched every one dragon take their stance, Giving the judges a cocky look, Then enable their within fireplace express, ultimately studying their flame’s glow. Zagonk used to be apprehensive while his flip got here, He desired to have the reddest, preferred flame. He took his stance getting ready his hearth, whilst the location became particularly dire. For the complete dragon crowd, all started guffawing rather loud. No flame got here out of Zagonk, in its place he set free an severe honk. He attempted back to discover his hearth, yet his honk simply echoed greater. Zagonk flew from the world, As every one dragon laughed like a hyena. Zagonk perched himself on a ledge, Sitting like a gargoyle at the aspect. He saved searching for his hearth, yet his honk used to be all he may possibly sire. The dragons laughter might nonetheless be heard. all of them inspiration his honk was once absurd. Zagonk's honk had distracted every person. They did not observe the Frost big hiding within the sunlight. He swooped down on a huge fowl, giggling on the dragon herd. He grabbed the cup of flames, and commenced to make lousy claims. From the traditional strength inside of, He may have thick dragon epidermis. Now their flames couldn't damage him, And he may perhaps freeze them on a whim. The Frost large waved his arm, ahead of any dragon sounded the alarm, And all have been frozen in position, each one with a terrified glance on their face. The Frost colossal hopped from his chook, now not announcing one other observe. He simply smiled on the frozen dragons, Waving for his critters to load them in wagons. Zagonk used to be wiping a tear from his eye, while the critters fell from the sky. He swooped all the way down to the floor, Following their cackling sound. He peeked via a crack, Spying the frozen dragon pack. The Frost large was once admiring the cup of flames, mentioning himself victor of the dragon video games. Zagonk felt a pull on his tail, The Frost monstrous started to wail. Zagonk was once no longer frozen just like the others, yet he may quickly subscribe to his brothers. Zagonk darted into the sky, made up our minds to forestall this undesirable man. He swooped down aiming for the cup, however the Frost massive easily iced up him up. pointing out he couldn't be beat, He now not feared dragon warmth. His eyes then opened rather extensive, whilst Zagonk’s ice started to divide. Zagonk enable his extraordinary honk free, now not worrying if he seemed like a goose. For the ice started to shatter, And the critters began to scatter. Zagonk busted from his icy criminal. just like the solar, his honk had totally risen. It sang out in all places, Signaling the turning of the tide. For the entire different dragons busted unfastened, Astounded at what they began to see. Zagonk targeted his honk at the Frost significant, Who used to be nonetheless clutching the cup, closing defiant. The Frost mammoth started to quake, The vibrations triggered his hand to shake. Forcing the cup of flames free, inflicting the Frost titanic to lose his juice. The dragons landed at the back of Zagonk, including their hearth to his fiery honk.

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