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wholesale nba jerseys from china Not just that, but also after a year of separatist terrorism( fighting, depending on perspective, of course). The riot( was in October 1969, so I question how peaceable Pinker Canada was at the time:> In the first six months of 1969, there were 93 bank robberies in Montreal compared to 48 bank robberies in the first six months of 1968.[5] In January and February 1969, the FLQ staged 10 terrorist bombings in Montreal, and between August 1968 and February 1969, there were 75 bombings linked to the FLQ.[5] In February 1969, the FLQ set off bombs at the Montreal Stock Market (injuring 28 people) and at the offices of the Queen Printer in Montreal.[5] March 1969 saw the outbreak of violent demonstrations as French Canadians demanded that McGill University, a traditional bastion of Montreal English speaking elite, be transformed into a French language university, leading to counter demonstrations by English Canadians to keep McGill an English language university.[4] The leader of the McGill Franais protests was ironically a part time Marxist political science lecturer from Ontario named Stanley Gray who could barely speak French, but who declared that McGill must become a French language university to end «Anglo elitism», rallying support from the Quebec separatist movement.[11] Over two weeks of clashes and protests, McGill was reduced to chaos as Quebec separatists stormed into the meetings of the McGill Senate and administration chanting such slogans as «Rvolution! Vive le Qubec socialise! Vive le Qubec libre!».[11] The climax of the McGill Franais protests occurred on the evening of 28 March 1969 when a 9,000 strong group of Quebec separatists led by Gray tried to storm McGill, and clashed with the police who had been asked by McGill to keep Gray group off the campus.[11] In September 1969, rioting broke out in the St. Leonard district between Italian Canadians and French Canadians with differing opinions of the language issue.[4] Italian immigrant parents had kept their children from school to protest the fact that the language of school instruction was now French instead of English, and on 10 September 1969, a group of 1,500 French Canadian nationalists attempted to march through St wholesale nba jerseys from china.